Infinity Systems Group, LLC

Information Technology Consulting

Simplifying Complexity

ISG's Purpose: To increase operational readiness/stability and reduce acclimation time
and training cost through logically organized reference material.
Key Market
The deliverable is, in addition to the consulting service, documentation that enables
rapid staff augmentation acclimation and ready reference material for operational sustain support.

The ISG Mission: Simplification through concise, relevant, environment specific documentation.
The ISG Model: Service Consulting and Role shadowing with documentation development.

    The Infinity Systems Group offers two primary services:
  • IT Services Consulting:
    Systems, Network, Application administration, Operations/Sustain, Build and Release deployment, etc.
    Our experienced staff are available for on-site staff augmentation performing the following consulting services:
    • Systems Administration:
      Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Linux (SuSE and Red Hat), Windows Server, and Citrix Metaframe Systems Administration.
    • Network administration:
      Cisco (switching and routing), Enterasys switching, and Checkpoint Firewall administration.
    • Applications support:
      CAD/CAE, Identity Access Management, Office, and many other applications support.
    • Operations/Sustain support:
      Systems, Network, Application monitoring support, Change/Release control, etc. for a variety of enterprises and environments.
  • Application Support documentation: Role shadowing with documentation development.
    For those organizations experiencing insufficient operational readiness, time to resolution, root cause analysis, etc,
    our staff will document every facet of your applications and supporting infrastructure and provide detailed application specific workflow diagrams
    for your environment.
    The benefits of this documentation are:
    • Improved operational stability and application performance
    • Reduced resolution times
    • Reduced repeat failures
    • Reduced acclimation time for new hires
    • Establishes a firm operational, process, documentation platform for pursuing iso certification

The ISG Structure: Organized, relational, reference material for operational readiness and/or training.
1 - Applications (any installed software that is not an operating system or database component)
2 - Databases
3 - Networking (switching, routing, firewall, load balancer, proxy, and communications infrastructure)
4 - Systems (hardware and software hosting - virtual systems, operating systems - servers and clients)
5 - Operations (Operations/Sustain support, Change Management, Build and Release deployment management, etc.)
6 - Technologies

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