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Databases (documentation support model)
Purpose/Function: What information does this database store?
Which applications access information in this database?
Database Access: Where is the database?
Which host(s) is the database installed on?
Where on the host(s) is the database located/installed
Where are the credentials obtained/stored to connect to this database?
What client is used to establish connectivity to this database?
How is the client configured to connect to the database?
Database installation
and configuration:
How is this database installed?
Which options are pertinent to the isntallation and why?
Is there an environment standard location for installation?
Where is licensing and support contract/account information for the database?
Database support: Who are the subject matter experts for the database?
Where are the logs for the database?
How/where is logging level configured?
Who is the database vendor?
Where is the database vendor (contact) information (if applicable)?
Where is the support documentation for this database?
Interoperability: What port numbers are need to connect to the database and establish tunnels (if applicable)?

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