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At ISG, we take an application-centric view of the environment because it is application performance that ultimately matters.
Not only can we step in and support your applications, we specialize in documenting application support.
Our Application Support Documentation focuses on empowering existing and future staff to quickly isolate, identify, and resolve operational issues with the application, to quickly locate relevant support/configuration information, and to complete future installations and deployments with ease and confidence.

Applications supported in prior assignments by the principal engineer:

Abaqus 6.x, Altair Hyperworks 7.0/8.0, AutoDesk (AutoCAD),
CATIA (V5R14/16), ESI Easi-Crash (MAD/DYN), Exceed/3D 8,
FlexLM License Management, Flowmerics/EFD.Lab 5/6/7, Fluent,
LSTC DYNA, MoldFlow, MSC (Adams, Nastran, Patran),
Solid Edge v16/v18, TeamCenter Engineering,
TurboCAD, Unigraphics (NX2, NX3 & NX4),
Nuance Voice Platform (NVP)

Middleware/services supported in prior assginments by the principal engineer:

Platform LSF, Altair PBS Pro, Citrix Metaframe/Presentation Server, VMware,
Microsoft Virtual Server, HP RGS, VNC/TurboVNC, Nice Software DCV,
Apache, Tomcat, Web Methods

Applications (support documentation model)
Purpose/Function: What does this application do?
What is it used for?
How is it used?
Who (typically) uses this application?
Which version(s) of the application are in use?
Application access: Where is this application available?
Which host(s) is it on?
Where on a host (path)?
How is the application launched/accessed (commands, options, parameters)?
Where are the credentials obtained/stored for access to the application?
Application installation
and configuration:
How is the application installed?
Which options are pertinent to this environment and why?
Is there an environment standard location for installation?
Where is licensing information for the application?
Where are the network port and other network configuration details configured?
Application Support: Who are the subject matter experts for this application (contact information)?
Where is the support contract/account information for this application
Where are the logs for this application?
How/where is logging level configured?
Who is the application vendor?
Where is the vendor (contact) information (if applicable) for this application?
Where is the support documentation for this application?
What other applications, services, or features (network connectivity, database access, etc.) is this application dependent on, if any?
Where is the support information for those dependent applications, services, or features?
Interoperability: Does this application communicate with other applications, services, features on the same host and or remote host(s)?
If so, what are the details of those dependencies?
Which ports are in use for remote connectivity?
Which remote host are involved?
Where are the credentials obtained/stored for the remote access (host:/path/file -> section | value)?

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